JUNE  2016

June 2016 was a cold month with numerous troughs and cold fronts keeping conditions cloudy and damp.
The rainfall total of 97.8 millimetres was 43 mm higher than the average and was the wettest June since 1976.
Day temperatures were close to normal, but overnight minimums were much higher than normal due to the large number of cloudy nights.

Cloudy conditions throughout the month reduced the number of sunny days to just four, while total frosts were also well below the normal at nine.
From the 20th through to the end of the month very harsh winter conditions were experienced with windy days, cloud and low daytime temperatures. There were two severe cold outbreaks on the 24th/25th and the 27th. Details below.
Winds were moderate to strong throughout most of the month and were mostly westerlies.

Noteworthy events:
- A low pressure system formed over the north-east New South Wales, then moved across to the coastal region bringing heavy rain and flooding in coastal areas and moderate falls further inland. Armidale recorded 43.8 mm for the 48 hours to 9am on the 5th, while the 24 hour total to 9am on the 5th of 38.6 mm was the highest daily fall since 30th November 2013 (50.8 mm).
9th - Warm north-westerly winds ahead of a cold front produced unusually warm conditions on the Northern Tablelands. Armidale’s maximum temperature of 20.3C was the warmest for the month of June since 7th June 2002 (22.3C).
20th - Armidale was buffeted by unusually strong westerly winds during the afternoon and evening. The highest wind gust at the airport was 80 km per hour at 4.00pm.
24th/25th - A severe cold front brought strong winds, showers and light snow to the Northern Tablelands on the 24th. There was no snow in Armidale, but the Guyra and Ebor areas received light falls in the evening of the 24th with snow remaining on the ground well into the following morning. Very cold air following the front reduced the maximum temperature on the 25th to 7.7C.
27th - Very cold air associated with a low pressure trough, and cold air in the upper atmosphere brought snow to higher parts of the Northern Tablelands including Guyra, Ben Lomond, Ebor and Topdale. Some very light snow also fell in South Armidale in the evening.
Armidale’s maximum temperature for the day was just 3.6C, coldest June day since 22nd June 1949 (2.6C), and coldest day for any month since 4th July 1984 (2.8C).


JUNE 2016 STATISTICS  (long term averages in brackets)

Rainfall:  97.8 mm  (55.0 mm)

Rain days:  17  (10)
2016 rainfall total Jan to Jun:  344.4 mm  (397.9 mm)

Average maximum temp:  13.3 deg  (13.1 deg)   

Average minimum temp:  3.4 deg  (0.7 deg)   

Highest maximum temp:  20.3 deg on the 9th 

Lowest maximum temp:  3.6 deg on the 27th 

Highest minimum temp:  10.0 deg on the 19th 

Lowest minimum temp:  -6.4 deg on the 26th 

Fine sunny days:  4  (13)

Ideal weather days:  1  (3)

Days with thunderstorms:  0  (0.5)

Days with frosts:  9  (16.5)    

Days with fogs:  5  (4)

Wind direction at airport at 3pm & number of days:  W: 14,  NE: 4,  E: 3,  SW: 3,  NW: 3,  SE: 1,  N: 1,  S: 1 

Average daily pan evaporation:  1.2 mm  (1.2 mm)

June 2016 daily data